Inspiring youth and community members to follow the RedPath Movement.


Youth Empowerment

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RedPath workshops are designed to encourage and empower youth to find and pursue their passions in life, inspiring them to take the necessary steps towards reaching their goals. During the workshops students participate in interactive Pow-wow Fit and yoga warm ups followed by motivational speeches and performances by both James and Marika. Jones and Sila use their personal experiences and education to inform youth on topics related to; the importants of mental health, goal setting, self love, nutrition, the power of sobriety, and anti-bullying.



RedPath camps are a great way to create positive lifelong memories and friendships with mentors. RedPath offers multi-day programs filled with interactive games, teachings, and in-depth workshops so they learn to be the stars of the show. RedPath facilitators are focused on guiding youth through multiple artistic methods of expression to help students find their passions. Camps consist of: traditional and modern hoop dance workshops, hip-hop choreography, acting classes and vocal singing/rapping workshops. Throughout the program, students work towards creating a performance of their own at the end of the week where RedPath coordinators hold a community event to showcase the youth and their new found talents! 


community Gatherings

RedPath offers dry (Drug & Alcohol Free) community events where the youth are encouraged to invite their friends and family to enjoy a community gathering filled with; interactive games, comedy, music, and performances. Elders are invited to speak and share their stories. The night is wrapped up by a raffle, giveaways and a RedPath Showcase which includes: a flag dance, LED light show,  fire spinning, and a traditional hoop dance performance by James Jones!

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